Hemp Oil vs Fish Oil - What is the difference?

Better Choices - Hemp Oil vs Fish Oil

Our bodies cannot make omega 3 and 6, this is why it needs to be consumed in our diet! As awareness grew about the benefits of these fatty acids on the body and brain in the 90s, it created an insatiable demand for fish oil. Now with sensible laws around hemp, hemp oil comes to the forefront as the optimum, healthy and sustainable way to consume omegas. Being plant-based, hemp oil comes with a plethora of added benefits due to containing vitamins, minerals and micro quantities of terpenes and cannabinoids. Hemp oil also contains polyphenols, which have strong anti-oxidant properties and help boost memory and focus.

Omega 3 supplements have been promoted as an easy way to protect the heart, ease inflammation, improve mental health, and prolong life. Such claims are one reason why Americans spend more than $1 billion a year on over-the-counter fish oil. Unfortunately, there is an unsavoury side to this trade which hemp can help solve. Unlike hemp seeds fish do not produce omega-3 naturally, rather they get it from the algae in the marine environment which then moves up the food chain. Certain types of fish, including king mackerel, shark and farm-raised salmon, are more likely to be contaminated with mercury or other toxins.

Fish oil is typically extracted at high temperatures and sometimes with solvents. Compare this to ECS Botanic's hemp oil which is extracted at low temperatures through a press. This means our oil maintains its natural integrity and extra virgin status. Extra virgin means simply crushing or cold pressing and retaining the juice or oil. It is essential to always try and source extra virgin.

Hemp oil sourced and produced in the correct manner is a much more environmentally and ecologically-friendly alternative to fish oil. Consuming hemp oil rather than fish oil will reduce the depletion of the world's fish stocks which by all accounts are heavily exploited and of which scientists tout to run out by 2050 unless limitations are placed on commercial fishing.

Alex Keach of ECS Botanics says, "the choice is simple, the capsules are part of my daily routine and I use hemp oil instead of olive oil. It is our job to educate the consumer on this issue and provide hemp oil to the marketplace".

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