About ECS Botanics

Healthy Products, Healthy People and a Healthy Planet

Managing Director & Founder, Alexander Keach was standing in a field in the picturesque northern midlands of Tasmania with one of his oldest and dearest friends...

With pure Tasmanian Cannabis on one side and a crop of Poppies on the other, they were discussing the differences between the two crops and the impact on the soil, the environment, society and people’s health. The discussion continued long into the night and they resolved that they would find a way to make the benefits of Cannabis available to the population and make Tasmania the most prominent hemp growing region in the world.

ECS Botanics (ECS) started growing that night as an idea to change society for the better from its roots in Tasmania.

About our Company

We have a proud Tasmanian heritage. Our industrial hemp seed is grown from our farm in the pristine midlands of Tasmania, known for its clean air and rich fertile soils, producing the finest foods.

ECS’ product portfolio, specialised supply chain and best of breed farmer network, position us to be a leading player in the Australian hemp market.

We believe in changing the world through hemp and in supporting a healthy planet with sustainable products which will enable people to live better, healthier lives.

Medical Cannabis

ECS has been granted both a Medicinal Cannabis Manufacturing License and a Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation License from the Office of Drug Control.  ECS will undertake its cultivation and manufacturing operations on its specified site in Tasmania.